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The Facades of Freedom essays

The Facades of Freedom essays There are multitudes of varying perceptions regarding the concept of freedom. Whether the freedom of the individual, of our nation or of the human race, there is a constant state of conflicting emotions in our country that date back to the colonial days. Just as the new settlers struggled to identify and trigger their ideas of freedom, so do Americans today. Nothing has stricken more personal chords throughout history than the struggle and debate over differing beliefs of freedom As this is a very complex area of discussion, many questions arose: Did our Founding Fathers subscribe to an idea of freedom that persists today? Or has our centrally controlled government converted our ancestors' guidelines of freedom to hold more power over the people? These are a few questions that many Americans face today, but through a philosophical view, questions surfaced on the freedom of the human race. Questions such as: Are we as humans capable of handling complete and ultimate freedom? Do we need some sort of guidelines and laws to sustain us as a race? And most importantly, are people ultimately afraid of true freedom? Following is an exploration of these questions. Webster's Dictionary defines freedom as the condition of being free of restraints. It also states that one should possess liberty from slavery, detention, and oppression. It states that freedom and liberty are virtually synonymous. In order to have complete freedom, people must have no restrictions on h ow they think, speak, or act. People are responsible for realizing what choices they have and must have the opportunity to act on those choices. Ultimately, to be free, people must not be controlled by anyone else. Yet, it is known that no organized society can actually provide all these conditions at all times. "Liberty too must be limited to be possessed" was expressed by Edmund Burke, a British philosopher. These limitations Burke spoke of arises the idea that in order to ha...

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Social Security College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Social Security College - Essay Example Economic Security in America, para. 2). One of the first Americans to propose a system of economic security for U.S citizens was Thomas Payne in his 1795 writing titled "Agrarian Justice". It provided sums for citizens reaching the age of 21 and then a yearly payment to those reaching 50. Payne's idea was to pay for it by means of a property inheritance tax. In 1862, a Civil War pension program was enacted. "Following the Civil War, there were hundreds of thousands of widows and orphans, and hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans. In fact, immediately following the Civil War a much higher proportion of the population was disabled or survivors of deceased breadwinners than at any time in America's history. This led to the development of a generous pension program, with interesting similarities to later developments in Social Security" (DeWitt, sect. Civil War Pensions, para. 1). The program evolved, starting with benefits only to those disabled in combat or to their surviving families. As time passed, veterans disabled for any reason could receive payments. After that, aged veterans were added. Later, disability and old age benefits were extended to include family members. Former Confederate soldiers were not allowed any benefits. The last payments to surviving widows of Civil War veterans were made in 1999. With the advent of the Industrial Age a... State Old-Age Pensions, para.1). Prior to the passage of the original Social Security Act in 1935, thirty states had adopted some form of old-age pension plan. Only about 3% of the elderly were actually collecting benefits under the state plans. There was lack of implementation of the laws. The plans allowed insufficient funds. The elderly faced restrictive plan entry rules. The receipt of benefits was stigmatized as "welfare". Throughout the early 1930's and spurred by the Great Depression, movements arose that advocated a federal old-age pension system. Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana, proposed the "Share Our Wealth" plan in which the rich would pay for the poor and the aged. Francis Townsend devised the "Townsend Old-Age Revolving Pension Plan". It proposed that all upstanding citizens over 60 receive a monthly benefit that must be spent within the U.S. and within 30 days. There were numerous plans proposed from every direction during those years, some of them of questionable economic merit like Robert Noble's "Ham & Eggs" plan. It suggested that states should issue a currency to be called "scrip" to the unemployed and aged. The validity of the currency and by what economic backing it would be issued were very hazy indeed. Still, it was part of the social movement demanding the creation of a form of economic security for the masses. Most of the plans had benefits that were based on economic need. When Franklin Roosevelt became President in 1932, he changed the face of the economic security discussion from welfare to social insurance. He proposed "a work-related, contributory system in which workers would provide for their own future economic security through taxes paid while

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Managerial Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Managerial Economics - Essay Example ple in 1977 approximate 48 computers were exported by computer manufacturing firms into various destination, while in 2001, one hundred and twenty five million computers were shipped. In the year 2002, the computer usage increased by a figure of five hindered million (Cetnews, 2002). According to data report on Bloomberg by Ricadela, 2013, the shipment of computers decline globally by 14 percent. However, this trend has changed over the recent times. Research data indicates that approximate one billion personal computers were shipped globally between 2001 and 2002. Whereby, out of those computer70 percent were meant to be utilized in business while twenty five percent were to be used in homes for personal use. Additionally, out of all those computers shipped between these periods, approximate 82 percent were desk top while sixteen percent were laptops (Cetnews, 2002). The table below indicates the year and the computer the numbers of computer shipment. Year Numbers of Personal comput er shipments 1977 48000 2000 125,000,000 2002 500,000,000 Source: (Cetnews, 2002) It can be scrutinized that computers shipment has been increasing as types elapse. This is because computer manufactures have came up with creative and innovative techniques of manufacturing different brands of computer that not only meat market demand but also meat the needs of different users ranging from personal use, business use, corporate uses among other applications (Displaysearch,2008). The table below displays various percentages of computer brands shipped into various destinations. Source: Jeremy Reimer, 2009 Computer Brands % of Computer shipment Dell 2.8% HP 5.8% Kohjinsha 1% Acer 38.3% Medion 3% Asus 30.3% Intel 1% MSI 5.7% Lenovo 0.7% Toshiba 0.5% Source: (Displaysearch, 2008) Therefore,...Managerial economics provides managers with efficient tool understand and techniques for making managerial decisions. The interaction of consumers and producers can be easily understood via managerial economics berceuse it integrate the aspects of micro and macro economics when making analysis of factors that causes changes in demand and supply of commodities. Therefore, it can be scrutinized that numerous factors contributed to an increase in demand for computer in a free market. Whereby, a free market involves a market that is free from government intervention. Commodity prices in this market are determined by market forces (demand and supply). A decrease in computer prices led to a decrease in demand because more suppliers are willing to supply computers at higher prices in order to make higher returns. Additionally, computer prices were falling despite higher returns because of some factors affecting demand such as availability of substitutes, increase in number of computer suppliers to mention just but a few. However, this may not always be the case because some shift factors may have an impacted on demand and supply of computers. Additionally, graphs and data have been utilized to analyze the reason why computers prices remained low despite having a higher demand. Some shift factors were found to cause computer prices to fall despite having a higher demand. Among the factors include; technological changes, availability of substitutes, decline in cost of manufacturing computers.

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The AKA language was protected from outside influence Essay Example for Free

The AKA language was protected from outside influence Essay The writer started his article by describing a group of people called Tuvans, who lives in a remote area in the Republic of Tuva, in Russian Federation. The importance of this group came from the fact that they are speaking Tuvan, a language consider by linguists to be among a group of languages that are considered to be on the edge of extinction because of the low numbers of people that speak it. The earth population speak approximately 7000 languages. Tuvan is among the 3500 small languages that are spoken only by 8. 25 million people in the entire world, which is a very low fraction of the seven billion people who inhabit the earth. On the other hand, seventy eight percent of the earth population are speaking only 85 languages, Mandarin, Spanish, and English are among the top spoken languages on the globe. Linguist predicted that in the next century almost half of the spoken languages may vanish, and at this point more than 1000 languages are considered on the extinction. The writer mentioned the reasons that lead to this languages dilemma. He mentioned the effect of the dominant languages, that controls communications and commerce, on the small one that do not have any defense mechanism, like television or currency, to protect its existence. Because of that the people of Tuva must speak Russian or Chinese if they want to stay in contact with the outside world. The writer then mentioned another endangered languages known as AKA, the native language of AKA people in Plaizi a small village in India. The writer describe its people as a very self-dependent people that produce everything they need in their daily life. The AKA language was protected from outside influence because of the location of the village that makes it very difficult for outsiders to reach it. The authors then described two trends in the field of linguistics. The first one is based on the theory of Noam Chomsky who mentioned that all languages came from one single origin which is fixed in the human genes. The second trend is the increase interest in small endangered languages around the world, and how the field linguists are interested in idiosyncrasies that distinguish each language from the others and the cultural effects on it. There are 85 percent of the needs to be documented in order to understand it, and the main reason for this documentation comes from the fact that each language contains unique human experiences that reveals many aspects of life . The writer declared very important point regarding the loss of any language. His main idea was based on the fact that every language contains a valuable information about the culture and the knowledge that accumulated from generation to generation in this culture. The author gave us another example of vanishing languages which is the Cmiique Itiom, a language used by the Seri in Mexico and how their language contains the knowledge that is important for all humans. Cmiique Itiom managed to preserved its original form without any outside interference . The Seri managed to keep their language untouched mainly because their hostility to the outsiders. Even the modern commodities likes cars the Seri managed to bring it to their culture but they used for it a unique names that merged from their own language so they never used there Spanish names. The writer mentioned a way to preserved the vanishing languages which is to: â€Å"†¦ enshrine it in writing and compile a dictionary. †. He gave an examples for linguists that worked in those kind of projects like David Harrison and Greg Anderson who compiled the first Tuvan- English dictionary. Also, Steve and Cathay Marlett who worked to finish Cmiique Itiom dictionary, but the writer mentioned very important point which is stated in page 86 : â€Å"But saving a language is not something linguists can accomplish, because salvation must come from within. †. The salvation must come from the people who are using this language by teaching it to the next generation, and also by using dictionaries and books to preserve it and keeping it active as long there is something to speak about it. Writer Choices The writer starts his article by using a story as a hook for the readers, to grab their attention for the rest of the article, and he kept telling the readers different stories about the people he met during his travel. The writer also used creative language ,like figurative language which includes metaphor in many places in the article, and he also used compare and contrast in many other places . Numbers was used by the writers to support his main idea, he mentioned a specific numbers related to the languages in the first page. Visuals aid had been used by the writer to illustrate the subject of his article in a very professional way, yet it was very simple and effective, we can see that from the beautiful pictures for all the people that he met during his trip. Reflection on the Reading Process I found the article hard to read at the beginning, but after using SQ4R and reading the article in class for many times it became much easier for me to understand, and this make the whole process of reading very interesting. The language used not always clear, with difficult word as shown below: Nomadic: roaming about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement. Proselytize: to try to persuade people to join a religion, cause, or group. Dwindle: to gradually become smaller. Thatch: to make (a roof) with dried plant material (called thatch). Supplant: to supersede (another) especially by force or treachery. Atelier: a room where an artist works. Propitious: likely to have or produce good results. Reading process included: Skimming and Skamming ,summarize the article and annotate the key points in it, and SQ4R. Reaction Languages is the soul of human civilizations. The connection between the two of them is very similar to the relationship between human soul and body because without the sole the body will surely collapse because humans need their soul to drive the physical body and to keep him from perishing. In contrast, language plays the same role in people collective awareness about their on existence in the society and culture. Language is the invisible glue that hold the culture pieces together, and without this glue everything will collapse. It’s the strong foundation that up hold the society structures and grant it the strength to resist any outside threats. Why the language is so important? Because it’s the memory of the society. This memory is the experiences and knowledge that transferred from generation to generation until it reached this point in time, and no it will very hard to live without our memories. Losing any language would be similar to someone who lost his own memory. The only thing he can do is to embrace a new experiences and knowledge, and to start accumulating new memories about his new life. Unfortunately, it is the same thing for languages, when the people abandon their own language in favor for new ones they will lose their cultural experiences and knowledge. They will eventually lose their own identity that distinguished them from the rest of humans. Finally, losing any language on earth would be a lost for humanity in general because we will lose our diversity that make life on earth interesting . I think life with one color would be very tedious, and for life to be interesting it should contain whole spectrum of color. Spinoff Topics One of the spinoff topics would be a to study the individuals that abandon their own language and how they adopt with their new languages and cultures.

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I Was Saved by Music Essay -- Personal Narrative, essay about myself

The only thing I ever remember feeling as a child is terror and complete isolation. It began with a slap on my face by a hand twice its size, a two-inch cowhide leather belt that left whets, and the hateful and vicious words that cut to the core of my young and fragile soul. There were intimate touches upon my person by someone who should have known better. Piece by piece I began to die inside. The monster started to visit me in the night. When the lights were out, the floor of my room turned into a pool full of water. Snakes, long and fat, slid through the dirty brown water, their black beady eyes staring at me as they hissed. I lay frozen in my bed calling for my mom. She cut on the light and said there are no snakes-you are being silly-go back to sleep. But when she cut out the lights and shut my door, the snakes would always come back. I stayed awake as long as I could, but sleep would always overtake my tired eyes. Then the rats would come, not the kind of rats you find in a science lab but huge ones, larger than cats: rats with long tails the size of broom handles and teeth like blades on a rake. Their black beady eyes awoke me in terror, unable to scream. I knew I could not call Mom as I had before. She did not seem to understand that the rats were real. I needed for her to make them go away, but she could not or would not help me get rid of these monsters that were coming to kill me. I was on my own in The Land of Terror and Pain. The Land of Terror and Pain was also filled with sounds that caused me to tremble with fear. There were the sounds of Mom and Dad fighting, the sound of my brother as he cried and begged for mercy as my father beat him. The sound I feared the most was when Dad would fo... ...There are days I know I get busy running from place to place, errand to errand, and I forget to be alive. I lose sight of all that is important, forget about my dreams and goals, and miss all the beauty that surrounds me. On these days, I turn on my stereo, put in the tape, dim the lights, close my eyes, and push the play button. Once again as the music starts, I am rocketed to the Land of the Living, where all people are alive. At times I sit in complete stillness and just listen, letting the melody carry me away. At other times I dance, my eyes closed, my body swaying to the rhythm of the beat. But at different times, I laugh or let the tears of sadness fall. It does not matter what I do when I hear the music, because the same thing always happens when it starts to play. I am made whole, and all wounds are healed. It is then I feel, and then I am alive.

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Advance strategic management. Consumerism Essay

1. What is consumerism? DEFINITION Consumerism can be defined in two different ways; 1. Consumerism is a theory which states that buying and consuming goods and services in a large amount are more beneficial to the economy. Thus this theory appreciates gradually increased consumption of goods and services. 2. Consumerism means ‘consumer protection’. It is a movement or policy that protects the interests of consumers via truthful packaging, honest advertisement, improved safety standards and product guarantees. Consumerism involves policies that regulate methods, products and services, standards, selling and advertising in the interests of the consumers. These protect buyers from defective products, misleading advertising, unfair practices etc. Such policies can be mandatory, legislative, institutional or voluntarily accepted by the industry. e.g., consumers’ interests can be harmed by mispricing, adulteration, artificial demand etc. IMPORTANCE Consumerism encourages economic growth by providing good quality goods and services to the customers. Increased consumption by the customers shows the economic growth level. Increased demand would lead to increased production thus raising the gross domestic production. It helps to make informed decisions through truthful advertising, environmental and safety standard laws. Thus consumerism provides protection to buyers. Implementation of consumer protection laws shield consumers against exploitation, discourage anti-social activities and unfair trade practices, provide complete and latest information to the customer which aids in buying  decision making process. 2. What IS STRATEGY? Why it is important? Choose a company, study its strategy and then make its competitive analysis. DEFINITION 1. Strategy is business game plan used by management to stake out market position, conduct its operations, attract and please customers, compete successfully and achieve organizational objectives. 2. It is a process through which a company concentrated its resources on optimal opportunities to achieve short term and long term goals and other competitive advantages. IMPORTANCE Strategy answers three central questions about the company (i) where are we now? (ii) where do we want to go? (iii) how will we get there? Strategy tells about the current position of the company, its future plans and the approaches it will follow to achieve its objectives. Strategy encompasses actions to attract customers, actions to deliver value at optimal price and cost equilibrium, actions to respond to changing market environment, approaches to pursue available opportunities and plans to gain competitive edge. A powerful strategy makes a company distinctive and provides sustainable and durable competitive advantage in creating, producing, distributing and marketing the company’s products/services. An effective strategy results in best possible business performance in terms of financial profitability and market position. Strategies are desperately needed to direct the activities of the company in a way that its goals and objectives are achieved in a right way through right approaches and at the right time. An excellent strategy that is excellently implemented is a good measure to evaluate the management competencies and performance. A strategy-focused company has a strong performance, profitable earnings, revenue growth and favourable return on investment. COMPANY : COLGATE-PALMOLIVE Colgate Palmolive has $17.1 billion consumer products and serves people around the world with renowned brands by offering four types of products/services: oral care, personal care, home care and pet nutrition products. This company operates globally and approximately 75 percent of its sales are from outside the home country while majority of its products are manufactured in its own facilities. Colgate-Palmolive 2011 to 2015 Strategy The main focus of Colgate-Palmolive’s five year strategy is on people, performance and planet with measurable goals in accordance with the company’s business objectives. 1. Promoting Healthier Lives The objective was to promote health and wellness in order to minimize employee health risks by 15 percent, to achieve 5 percent reduced health costs by improving on time diagnosis and treatment of diseases and to focus on safety of employees. 2. Contributing to The Communities Where We Live and Work This parameter of the strategy aims to increase the impact of company on the community by $300 million. For this purpose five objectives were set which will provide greater focus to the company’s contribution towards the community. Partnership is done with dental professions to improve the oral care of the community. A program of â€Å"Bright Smiles, Bright Futures† is scheduled to contact 1 billion children by 2020. To provide hand-washing awareness to over 50 million households. To work with 250 thousand veterinarians to educate pet owners and provide over $100 million pet food. Continue to provide company’s products after natural disasters and to invite more  volunteers in this community program. 3. Delivering Products That Delight Consumers and Respect Our Planet The objective is to increase the sustainability of all the products by (i) ensuring that ingredients continue to meet the standards of safety, health and quality (ii) reducing the impact of environment on the products and packaging. This is achieved by increasing the use of recycled contents and more usage of sustainable materials. 4. Making Every Drop of Water Count The strategy aims to reduce the consumption of water during manufacturing by 24 percent. The objective also aims to take steps to promote access of clean water and water conversation awareness among over two billion consumers. 5. Reducing Our Impact on Climate and Environment The intention was to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission during the manufacturing process by 20 percent. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS The stated strategy of the company can be analysed on the bases of three broad terms. The following stated questions will determine the goodness of the strategy implemented by Colgate-Palmolive i.e. whether the strategy was able to improve the market position and financial performance of the company or not, how good was the company at handling the environmental dynamics and gaining competitive advantage. 1. How well does the strategy fits with the company’s situation? The main competitor of Colgate-Palmolive is Procter & Gamble with the same strategy of sustaining products and environmental safety but Colgate-Palmolive has got a competitive advantage in the year 2011 and 2012 by having strong presence in personal care products and emerging markets in different geographical areas. Due to broad operation bases globally the company has got the strength to lead the market. 2. Is the strategy helping the company achieve a sustainable competitive advantage? Yes the strategy implemented by the company has made it to be a global leader in oral care. Colgate-Palmolive’s market is the single largest market by value shares and is insulated from the downturns. The company’s strategy focuses to meet market challenges, committed to increase product sustainability and focuses on segmentation by function. Colgate-Palmolive has improved sustainability profile in 24 percent of products. 3. Is the strategy helping in better company performance? The strategy has helped the company in attaining better financial and ethical performance. Colgate-Palmolive has shown best environmental performance in past years and is able to sustain its past competitive advantage. The company had $17.1 billion worldwide sales in 2012. Its gross profit margin was 58.4 percent in fourth quarter of 2012. Colgate-Palmolive won 100% Code of Conduct Certification, stood No. 1 in beauty and personal care products and was announced No. 1 at ‘Most Admired Companies in 2013’ by Fortune World. Colgate-Palmolive had operating profit of $4.02 million in 2012. 35 percent of its packaging material is from the recycled material thus fulfilling its goals of safeguarding the environment and reducing costs. Three different products of Colgate-Palmolive have won title of ‘Product of the Year 2012’ and Ethisphere magazine has given the company title of ‘ 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies’ US E.P.A declared the company to be ‘Designed for the Environment’ for many of its home care products. The above analysis shows the strengths and the competitive advantage earned by the company due to its best performance and leading activities. Surely the above mentioned performance is only attainable because of an excellent strategy and its excellent execution. _________________________________________

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The Superhero Genre Is Classified By A Fight Of Good Vs. Evil

The superhero genre is classified by a fight of good vs. evil. The heroes and the villains are complex characters driven by motives that are not always black and white. Besides dealing with fictional characters, superhero comic books often incorporate real life difficulties, such as racism, sexism, and drug use. The storylines are driven by the superheroes fight against the forces of evil, but the underlying story often deals with conflicting moral dilemmas and self-doubt. The superheroes have secret identities and strut around in colorful costumes, but behind these personas, lay a story of triumph and defeat. The true appeal of comics is not the colorful character who follows it but the dark, gritty storylines that cause the reader to view the world and humanity in a new light. In â€Å"Batman #134†, written in 1960 by Bill Finger, a few of these requirements are addressed. This comic follows Batman and Robin’s adventure in an undisclosed South American republic. The m ajor conflict lies with a man named Diaz, who releases a monster known as â€Å"The Rainbow Creature.† This creature terrorizes the village until Batman uses his world-class detective skills to defeat the beast. The storyline is quickly wrapped up in a span of nine pages, and the childish tone of the comic causes the intrigue of the story to be lost on the reader. On the other hand, Batman: Ego, written by Darwyn Cooke in 2000, deals with the harsh atmosphere of Gotham. The comic tells the story of a wounded Batman and